Cemented Abutment

Delivered within 2-3 days

Cemented Abutment Packing Unit: Abutment + Abutment Screw (UNSAS 1407H) Tightening torque : 20 Ncm.





Cemented Abutment

Non Hex
L 5.5
L 7
L 5.5
L 7
1 UNSCA 40105H[H] UNSCA 40107H[H] UNSCA 40105N[H] UNSCA 40107N[H]
2 UNSCA 40205H[H] UNSCA 40207H[H] UNSCA 40205N[H] UNSCA 40207N[H]
3 UNSCA 40305H[H] UNSCA 40307H[H] UNSCA 40305N[H] UNSCA 40307N[H]
4 UNSCA 40405H[H] UNSCA 40407H[H] UNSCA 40405N[H] UNSCA 40407N[H]
5 UNSCA 40505H[H] UNSCA 40507H[H] UNSCA 40505N[H] UNSCA 40507N[H]
6 UNSCA 40605H[H] UNSCA 40607H[H] UNSCA 40605N[H] UNSCA 40607N[H]
7 UNSCA 40705H[H] UNSCA 40707H[H] UNSCA 40705N[H] UNSCA 40707N[H]

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