Ball Abutment L-Ø3.5

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Ball Abutment L-Ø3.5 Used to create over-denture for edentulous patient. Used when fixed type implant prosthesis difficult due to severe bone or soft tissue loss. Post part is colored in gold. Path recovery to the maximum of 20° Uses Ball Abutment Driver (HD 2406A/HD 2412A)





Ball Abutment L-Ø3.5

1 SSBA 3510
2 SSBA 3520
3 SSBA 3530
4 SSBA 3540
5 SSBA 3550
6 SSBA 3560

Ordering Information:

Ball Abutment L-Ø3.5 Packing contents : Abutments + O-Ring (1 Piece) + Holder *Holder installation: Convenient to install in patient's mouth Tightening torque: 30 ~ 35Ncm.

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