Basic Implant Kit

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The complete set of 27 essential instruments for basic implant surgery.

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Basic Implant Kit:

The complete set of 27 essential instruments for basic implant surgery. This set comprises following instruments.

Minnesota cheek retractor. Scalpel handle flat with scale. Scalpel handle round, straight. Ochsenbein chisel OCH2. Periosteal elevator Seldin. Periosteal elevator Prichard. Periosteal elevator Buser. Periosteal elevator Molt. Periosteal elevator 24G. Surgical Curette. Surgical Curette. Gracey curette 13/14. Kirkland knife. Orban Knife. Modified Frazier aspirator. Adson saw tissue forceps. Wide pincette. Mayo-Hegar needle holder. Hemostatic forceps. Iris scissor TC. La Grange scissor TC. Friedman bone rongeur. Castro gauge CVD, small. Towel clamp. Bone well. Mallet. Mirror handle with mirror.

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