We continuously strives to provide you with exceptional Restorative products for achieving remarkable aesthetic and functional results. We combine advanced technology and innovative design to produce superior products designed for optimal performance, maximum durability and resiliency. Our comprehensive Restorative product line is continually growing as we discover products which aid you in delivering consistent, accurate and predictable clinical outcomes.

  • Carvers

    Carvers (7)

    Carvers are dental instruments with a sharp-edged working end that is commonly used to remove excess material and also contour surfaces and carve anatomy.
  • Cleoid/Discoid Carvers

    Cleoid/Discoid Carvers (6)

    Cleoid–Discoid carvers are used to carve anatomy into amalgam restorations. The “Cleoid” end has a spade shape and the “Discoid” end is shaped like a disk. Both ends are sharp around the entire periphery.
  • Composite / Plastic Filling Instruments

    Composite / Plastic Filling Instruments (8)

    Composite and plastic filling instruments, also known as placement instruments, are designed for placing and contouring pliable restorative materials into cavity preparations and other dental procedures. These instruments generally have rounded ends that help in applying restoratives without damaging sensitive tissue.
  • Excavators

    Excavators (28)

    Excavators are restorative instruments used to remove soft dentin, debris and decay from cavity preparations. Orange Instruments offers a complete selection of “spoon” and “blade” excavators in a wide range of blade widths and shank lengths for any application. All are made of high-carbon stainless steel that is formed and precision ground by expert craftsmen, then hardened for the ultimate…
  • Gingival Retractors

    Gingival Retractors (6)

    Gingival Retractors used for protects tissue during cavity preprations and placement of composite restorations.
  • Gingival Cord Packers

    Gingival Cord Packers (7)

    Gingival cord packers are used to pack gingival retraction cord into the sulcus. The cord packers with round, nonserrated working ends are used for atraumatic cord placement; serrated cord packers should only be used with braided cord.
  • Hatchets

    Hatchets (3)

    Hatchets are restorative cutting instruments used for retentive areas, internal line angles and for removing hard caries and unsupported enamel from cavity preparations. These dental instruments have working ends that are on the same plane as the handle.
  • Margin Trimmers

    Margin Trimmers (6)

    Margin trimmers, also known as gingival margin trimmers, are restorative cutting instruments used to cut enamel and produce a bevel on enamel margins. These dental instruments have slightly curved blades with sharp beveled cutting edges to provide mesial or distal access into the preparation.
  • Placement Instruments

    Placement Instruments (3)

    Placement instruments are used to deliver and place liner and base materials within the cavity preparation. The placement ball tip has a 0.8 mm diameter.
  • Pluggers / Condensers

    Pluggers / Condensers (24)

    A condenser, also known as a plugger, is a dental instrument with flat working ends designed to pack restorative material into cavity preparations. Composite pluggers are often Teflon coated to prevent sticking and discoloration of restorative material.
  • Carving Knives

    Carving Knives (6)

    Interproximal carving knives make it easy to cut and trim around restorations. The blades are thin and razor-sharp for accurate sculpting and easy interproximal access.