Autoclave C22 Plus

Autoclaves have access to 3 vacuum cycles, maintaining a complete germ free sterile environment ideal for sterilization.

LCD Display with keypad
The LCD display with keypad features clear user-friendly icons. The operator’s task is made easier and faster thanks to on-display availability of all data. Easy to install, a simple guided procedure aids the initial configuration.

3 volumes, one size
The C range is available in the 17, 22, and 28-litre versions. Three different capacities to allow users to choose the most suitable machine according to their needs. External dimensions, being the same for the three machines, make installation easier. The 17 and 22 litre models have five trays while the 28-litre model has six.

Connectivity and full traceability
At the end of each cycle, the machine stores a report inside its memory. The user can download it at any time – in PDF format – through the USB port located on the front of the unit. As an alternative, the DataSter software allows for automatic downloading.