Deep Grip Extraction Forceps Set

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Deep Grip Extraction Forceps Set, Set of 6 extracting forceps used for atraumatic extraction with sterilization cassette.

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Pedo Deep Grip Forceps Set:

Extraction kit include:
OR-2959/F1 Upper premolars
OR-2959/F2 Lower premolars
OR-2959/F3 Upper anterior
OR-2959/F4 Lower anterior
OR-2959/F6 Upper molars
OR-2959/F7 Lower molars
OR-2959/151 Lower universal
OR-2959/150 Upper universal

Features of Deep Grip Extraction Forceps Set:
Made of medical-grade German stainless steel.
Passivation procedure performed to prevent rust and improve corrosion resistance.
Non-sterile, reusable and autoclavable.
Form test, boiling test and performance test carried out.
Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Packaged in an elegant, fully recyclable cardboard box.

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Weight 1000 g