Dental Silent Oil Free Air Compressor (Piston Type)

Dental Silent Oil Free Air Compressor (piston type) (600W)

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Dental Silent Oil Free Air Compressor (piston type)

Quite simple operation, connect to power supply, then no need any more maintenance ,just drain age regularly.


Power: 600w

Volt./Hz: 110~240V50~60Hz

Speed: 1400/1750r.p.m

Air Flow: 118L/minat0Bar

Noise Level: 52Db

Max Pressure: 8Bar

Restart Pressure: 5Bar

Tank Capacity: 24L

Weight: 24/32 kg

Product Size: 410*410*550mm


Super silent:  Low working noise, create a quiet working environment.

Low vibration: With special rubber feet, reduce vibration during operation.

Pure air flow:  Oil free design, no lubrication oil needed during operation.

Core technology:  Diamond hardness cylinder ensure durable working performance.

Fashion and durable design:  Compact structure, lightweight. Under normal situation, can be used for more than 20000 hours.

Use safety:  With multiple self protection system, if here will be abnormal with pressure, current or voltage, the motor would cut off automatically to ensure equipment and personal safety.

Low energy consumption:  Full automatic design, automatic stop and restart control, low consumption.

High precision filtration: With double filters, ensure high precision of out let airflow.

Tank inside has done anti-rust treatment:  Ensure pure outlet air flow for medical equipment.