Luxators Set


Set of 10 luxators with wide, silicone-grip handle make extraction simple and quick.

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The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction has now become extremely important, especially for patients requiring subsequent implant placement with minimal bone lost. The Luxators offers a precise and safe solution for successful extractions. The fine tapered blade compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane, and gently eases the tooth from its socket reducing damage to surrounding tissue, and keeping a better anatomy for an implant site. The size and shape of the handle is designed to minimize the force needed during the extraction. The thin blade can be easily inserted between the bone and the root with minimal destruction making extraction quick and simple.

Set of 10 Periotome Luxators include:

Duel Edge Periotome Luxator STR 3/1.5mm
Duel Edge Periotome Luxator STR 5/3.0mm
Periotome Luxator STR 1.0mm
Periotome Luxator STR 2.0mm
Periotome Luxator STR 3.0mm
Periotome Luxator CVD 3.0mm
Periotome Luxator Conta Angle 3.0mm
Periotome Luxator Inverted Curved 3.0mm
Periotome Luxator STR 5.0mm
Periotome Luxator CVD 5.0mm

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Weight 800 g