Macintosh Laryngoscope Set


Macintosh laryngoscope with handle and 4 blades packed into a plastic box.

    • The LED lamp gives continuous cool and bright illumination.
    • 2 hrs operating time.
    • Brighter than a standard lamp with an 8,000 LUX light beam.
    • Available with 6500k color temperature.
    • A longer additional lifetime with 50,000 hrs.
    • The whole range of blades complies with ISO 7376 standard.
    • Easily replace the lamp at the front of the blade.
    • Autoclaved @ 134° C for 5 minutes.
    • Crafted from finest stainless steel AISI 303 & 304.
    • Round and smooth edges reduce the risk of injuries.
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A laryngoscope with different blades should be found in every emergency case, ambulance and emergency ambulance as it is required as part of resuscitation for intubation. Also, it is daily working equipment of anesthesiologists in the operating room. Reliability, safety and an excellent view are needs for safe intubation.

Innovative Design and optimum light quality are the hallmarks of the laryngoscopes from Orange. Whether as an intubation aide before anesthesia or to examine and clear airways in an emergency – rigid laryngoscopes are constant aides in medical practices and clinics. Orange offers conventional laryngoscopes in various sizes and designs. The premium-quality materials and precise craftsmanship promise the highest level of reliability. The replaceable blades ensure optimal treatment of every patient.

The laryngoscopes from Orange feature the highest level of quality and functionality. They consist of handles, blades and light sources. They are available as sets with the standard blade sizes and as individual components. The blade attachments can be exchanged as needed depending on the anatomical requirements of the patient.

The laryngoscope handles have optimal balance which enables the instrument to be guided safely and precisely. Special grooved or roughened surfaces lend the handles outstanding gripping and non-slip properties.

Macintosh or Miller blades are the blades primarily usedin laryngoscopes. Both types are available in various sizes and widths. While the anatomically shaped Macintosh blades are frequently used for older children and adults for intubation, the straight Miller blades are suitable for newborns and small children. The Macintosh attachments are especially well-suited for the anatomy of the oral cavity region. While protecting the vagus nerve, the blades are inserted into the right side of the oral cavity to push the tongue to the side. The Miller blades reach under the epiglottis and lifts it.

We always adhere to the highest quality standards when manufacturing our laryngoscopes. The comfort of our patients is of utmost importance. The surgical steel components are made of corrosion-free materials and can be easily cleaned and undergo sterilisation cycles without becoming damaged. Optimal hygiene is always guaranteed. The collapsible and removable constructions provide space-saving storage.


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