Neuro Craniotomy Instruments Set - 40 PCS


Neuro Craniotomy Instruments Set – 40 PCS is suitable for trepanation to treat closed head traumas. They are also ideal for the treatment of open head traumas. All these instruments are crafted with high-quality German surgical stainless material. Some instruments also have a combination of tungsten carbide. Both metals keep the instruments lightweight and rustproof.

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The set contains the following :

1 Lucae Dressing Forceps
1 Gruenwald Tissue Forceps
5 Dandy Cairns Artery Forceps
1 Beyer Lempert Rongeur
1 Zaufal Jansen Rongeur 10″
1 Leksell Laminectomy Rongeur Cvd.
1 Love Gruenwald Rongeur Str.
1 Love Gruenwald Rongeur Cvd. Up
1 Jansen Mastoid Retractor
2 Senn Retractor Sharp
3 Cushing Vein Retractor
1 Cushing Decompression Retractor
1 Scoville Brain Spatula Small
1 Scoville Brain Spatula Large
1 Cushing Brain Spatula Spoon
1 Davis Brain Spatula
1 Cushing Periosteal Elevator
1 Frazier Dural Separator
1 Spinal Fusion Curette Str. No.1
1 Safty Pin
4 Gigli Wire Saw
1 Frazier Dural Hook
1 Dandy Nerve Hook
1 Poppen Saw Guide
1 Ryder Needle Holder T.C
2 Frazier Suction Tube 14
2 Gigli Saw Handle
1 Instruments Box s.s

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Weight 2000 g