TERAVAC 6000 (Suction System for 1 or upto 20 Units)

Teravac 6000 DMEGA’s advanced technology for dental suction system developed AVR(Automatic Vacuum Regulation) function with Mitsubishi inverter & Automatic pressure sensor.

Teravac 6000:

This technology offers flexible, intelligent control system to meet upgraded customer satisfaction level. Teravac series supply optimal vacuum power for surgery use. When one dental unit is used, the inverter controls motor speed at 40~45Hz, when more than two dental units are used, the inverter controls frequency appropriately to provide sufficient vacuum power. In this way, it prevents overheating problems, saves energy and extends lifetime of the motor.


Main Voltage:  230 VAC

Frequency:  0~65 Hz

Motor power:  1.3 Kw

Inverter power:  2.2 Kw

Rated Current:  4.5~5  Amp

Vacuum Regulated:  200 m bar

Max vacuum:  370 m bar

Number of treatment units:  Up to 4 Units

Max Air Flow:  1200 ℓ /m

Motor Speed:  3740 rpm

Weight:  37 Kg

Dimensions (L×W×H):  41 x 51 x 63

Noise Level:  61 db