Extraction Kit


Extraction Kit, Kit of 14 instruments for atraumatic extraction.

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Extraction kit Includes:

OR-2985/33A Lower premolarls
OR-2985/51A Upper roots
OR-2985/67A Upper 3rd molars
OR-2985/79 Lower 3rd molars
OR-2054/1 Power Luxator 3mm, STR
OR-2054/2 Power Luxator 5mm, STR
OR-2054/3 Power Luxator 3mm, CVD
OR-2953/598 Extraction tweezers
OR-8230 Crile-Wood needle holder TC
OR-6165 PR3 Prichard periosteal elevator
OR-2020/11L Winter T-Bar elevator left
OR-2020/11L Winter T-Bar elevator left
OR-8026 Iris Scissors TC
OR-8478 Self-Aspirating syringe

Unicorp Instruments Inc. reserves the right to substitute items at any time, based on availability.

Weight 1000 g