Set of 15 PDL-Luxating Elevators


Set of 15 PDL-Luxating Elevators to loosen the tooth from the socket and periodontal ligament with free stainless steel cassette.

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PDL Luxating Elevators are Ideal during surgery or when preparing for implants – the elevators are specifically designed for cutting the PDL and elevating the small roots and fregments.

PDL-Luxating Elevators set include:

OR-2841/01 2.3mm STR
OR-2841/02 2.3mm CVD
OR-2841/03 3.0mm STR
OR-2841/04 3.0mm CVD
OR-2841/05 4.5mm STR
OR-2841/06 4.5mm CVD
OR-2841/07 2.5mm IN
OR-2841/08 2.5mm OUT
OR-2841/09 3.2mm IN
OR-2841/10 3.2mm OUT
OR-2842/01 Spade 3.5mm STR
OR-2842/02 Spade 3.5mm right
OR-2842/03 Spade 3.5mm Left
OR-2842/04 Spade 3.5mm IN
OR-2842/05 Spade 3.5mm OUT

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Weight 2000 g